"For Everyone" — This is an open-source version of "Security Training for Everyone", PagerDuty's internal employee security training, given to all PagerDuty employees as part of our annual security training program. sudo.pagerduty.com/for_everyon ,

"‘We’re Out of Options’: Doctors Battle Drug-Resistant Typhoid Outbreak" — The first known epidemic of extensively drug-resistant typhoid is spreading through Pakistan, infecting at least 850 people in 14 districts since 2016, according to the National Institute of Health Islamabad. nytimes.com/2018/04/13/health/ ,

"Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles" — Scientists have created a mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic drinks bottles – by accident. The breakthrough could help solve the global plastic pollution crisis by enabling for the first time the full recycling of bottles. theguardian.com/environment/20 , ,

"Encrypting Sensitive Data in SaltStack" — SaltStack, like any good configuration management system, provides a way to distribute sensitive data (like passwords or API keys) to minion nodes in a secure manner. sgoel.org/posts/encrypting-sen , ,

"Getting started with Salt for network automation, using Docker" — This is going to be a very short blog post, but hopefully it will provide an easier intro for the (network) engineers that want to get started with Salt to leverage its superpowers for network automation. mirceaulinic.net/2018-04-04-sa , ,

"How Ubisoft Makes So Many Assassin’s Creed Games" — There has been one major new Assassin’s Creed game every year since 2007, except for the two years they skipped and the one year when they made two. kotaku.com/how-multiple-ubisof , ,

"Aiming to fill skill gaps in AI, Microsoft makes training courses available to the public" — As a software engineer at Microsoft, Elena Voyloshnikova’s job is to make informed recommendations about how to improve the performance of software engineering tools. But too often, she spends her days manually analyzing the data she needs to make those decisions. blogs.microsoft.com/ai/microso , ,

"Leaked Facebook memo: 'ugly truth' justified any growth tactics" — Buzzfeed has published an internal Facebook memo entitled "The Ugly" from 2016 that shows just how much emphasis the social network places on growth above safety, privacy and everything else. engadget.com/amp/2018/03/30/le ,

"Ðavid Ƀurela on Twitter" — Modern day messaging service handshaking protocol: "I've got Signal, Skype, Snapchat" "I've got Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger" The handshaking continues until a lowest common denominator is reached, sometimes falling back to plain text in SMS. twitter.com/DavidBurela/status , ,

"Slack is the opposite of organizational memory" — Between 2014 and 2016 my working life went through a lot of changes but the worst one was the normalization of slack. Managers like it because it ‘gets things down on paper’, ‘improves reachability’, ‘gets questions answered quickly’. abe-winter.github.io/plea's/he ,

"Generation Screwed" — Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression. highline.huffingtonpost.com/ar , ,

"It's 2018. Are My Containers Secure Yet!?" — Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × It's 2018. Are My Containers Secure Yet!? 1. @estesp IT’S 2018. ARE MY CONTAINERS SECURE YET?! DevOps Pro Vilnius 2. slideshare.net/PhilEstes/its-2 , , ,

"Die Elektrifizierung der Mobilität: Warum die Zukunft elektrisch fahren wird — und das schneller, als man denkt" — Noch vor ein paar Jahren galt die Elektromobilität als nette, aber zu belächelnde Idee von Umweltschützern, Tüftlern und progressiven Medien, die nicht wirklich realisierbar sein würde. medium.com/@lukasvh/die-elektr , ,

"A Rat Broke Into an ATM, Ate Nearly $20,000 Worth of Cash, and Died" — Eating money will not make you rich, but rather turn your insides into tub of paper confetti. A rat in Assam state, India, learned this hard truth earlier this week when it squeezed its way inside an ATM machine, consumed and destroyed $17,662 worth of Rupees, and promptly died.  thrillist.com/news/nation/rat-

"Antitrust, the App Store, and Apple" — Yesterday the Supreme Court held a hearing in the case Apple Inc. v. Pepper. stratechery.com/2018/antitrust , ,

"Designing 2D graphics in the Japanese industry" — An Amiga, Deluxe Paint and a mouse. From the late 80s to the early 90s, these 3 tools were at the core of numerous graphic designers’ workstations in the West. vgdensetsu.tumblr.com/post/179 , ,

"WordPress 5.0: A Gutenberg FAQ" — We are nearing the release date for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, one of the most important and exciting projects I’ve worked on in my 15 years with this community. I knew we would be taking a big leap. ma.tt/2018/11/a-gutenberg-faq/ ,

"Photos: The Woolsey Fire Leaves Devastation in Malibu, California" — Even as firefighters continue to battle the devastating Camp Fire in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains north of Sacramento, several other large wildfires are roaring through tinder-dry sections of California, including the Woolsey Fire, near Malibu. theatlantic.com/photo/2018/11/ , , ,

"Alexa/Hue, so klappen die Szenen immer" — Di 14. Feb 2017, 19:31 Nordlichter dann durch die anderen Szenennamen (Tropendämmerung, Entpsannung etc] jeweils wechseln. alefo.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t , ,

"Using Enhanced Mode Ubuntu 18.04 for Hyper-V on Windows 10" — ASIDE: No joke. My Linux/Ubuntu bona fides go back a while. Here's me installing Ubuntu 10.4 on Windows 7 over 8 years ago. Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu! To be frank, historically Ubuntu has sucked on Window's Hyper-V. If you wanted to get a higher (read: usable) resolution it would take a miracle. hanselman.com/blog/UsingEnhanc , , ,

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